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Relentless effort continues, under the theme of “symbiosis between people and the environment”, to become a creative production center that assists in developing industries that are becoming ever-diversified and complex in need. Yushiro satisfies these demands by developing new technologies, refining basic technologies and aggressively promoting R&D in highly functional and innovative, products and services.

Furthermore, the extensive lineup of basic technologies that Yushiro prides itself in is constantly revised by adding new and related technologies. These efforts and more are always underway to develop a wide range of products and technologies, as well as invent and discover new values with new creations.

R&D is at the heart of Yushiro business activities and plays the core role supporting the company's mission geared toward technology, for the enterprise to become a "pioneer in diverse technologies". Needless to say, these activities include foreign support businesses and technical follow up of customers and clients, as well.

Activities of R&D Operation

  • Development of products in new fields
  • Development of products in niche fields
  • Improving the quality of existing products
  • Technical service
  • Technical support for Yushiro Affiliates
  • Intellectual rights management
  • Environmental and validation

Goals and Basic (Element) Technologies

Basic technology and diverse chemical technology accumulated over many years of experience is at the heart of developing superior Yushiro products.

Goals and Basic Technologies