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Metalworking Oils & Fluids

Yushiro metalworking oils and fluids have always been on the center stage of machine industries, steel works, automobile production and various other manufacturing sites. Yushiro prides in its leading role as a supplier of cutting and grinding oils/fluids, in which it holds a 30% of the Japanese domestic share, and an unrivaled 70% share in the Japanese automobile industry.

Metalworking oils and fluids are vital components of molding steel and other metals into a distinct and consistent shape. Forming oils and fluids are used to roll and forge metals, while surface treatment agents play an important role as rust preventives and anti-corrosives for automobiles, as well as metal cleaners, coatings and protective waxes. Aluminum release agents are used for aluminum molds.

A lineup of new material oils and fluids has also been developed to cut and polish silicon, crystal, ceramic and other nonmetals, which are becoming a common component of modern choices. Yushiro, realizing the need to develop next generation products, constantly endeavors R&D of diverse and extensive products.



Cutting Fluids

  • Water Miscible Cutting Fluids
  • Synthetic, Semi-synthetic & Emulsion type coolants
  • pH Neutral Cutting Fluids
  • Straight Cutting Oils

Grinding Fluids

  • Water Miscible Grinding Fluids
  • Straight Grinding Oils

Die Cast Lubricants

  • Aluminum Diecast Lubricants
  • Magnesium & Zinc Diecast Lubricants
  • Structural Parts Diecast Lubricants
  • Paintable Diecast Lubricants
  • Plunger Tip Lubricants
  • Cold Die Spray
  • Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid

Forming, Stamping, & Drawing Fluids

  • Water Miscible Cold Rolling Fluids
  • Straight Rolling Oils
  • Water Miscible Stamping Fluids
  • Straight Stamping Oils
  • Hot Rolling Oils for Seamless Pipe
  • Drawing, Forming & Pressing Oils

Forging Fluids

  • Non Graphite Hot Forging Oils
  • Cold Forging Oils
  • Water Miscible Forging Fluids


  • Water Miscible Metal Cleaning Fluids
  • Solvent Metal Cleaning Fluids
  • Floor Cleaning Fluids
  • Machine Degreasing Cleaning Fluids

Rust Preventatives

  • Water Miscible Rust Preventatives
  • Oil Rust Preventatives
  • Solvent Rust Preventatives

Heat Treat Fluids (Quenchants)

  • Water Miscible Polymer Quenchant Fluids
  • Oil Quenchant Fluids

Specialty Fluids

  • Water Miscible Cutting Fluids for Inner Diamond
  • Straight Slurry Base for Multi Blade Saw
  • Straight Slurry Base for Multi Wire Saw
  • Water Miscible Slurry Base for Multi Wire Saw
  • Diamond Slurry for Magnetic Heads
  • Grinding Fluids for Ceramics (Quartzsii, Silicon carbide, Glass)


  • Defoamer
  • Biocide
  • Fungicide
  • pH Adjuster