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Yushiro places a high priority on protecting the environment. Yushiro Manufacturing America, Inc. has developed its own rigorous environmental policies and is proud to be ISO14001:2004 certified. Yushiro America is committed to conducting its business in a manner that will preserve and protect the environment. These commitments include:

  • Complying with environmental laws and other requirements
  • Promoting the prevention of pollution
  • Conserving natural resources
  • Recycling materials
  • Reducing waste

Yushiro’s commitment includes setting and meeting environmental objectives and targets designed to achieve continual improvement of its Environmental Management System (EMS) for its Associates and the local community through education, communication, EMS audits, and utilization of new technology.

Reducing Pollutants Released in the Environment

Promoting Dry Maintenance

We developed a new dry maintenance system, suggested for the users to implement, since it drastically reduces discharge of dirty cleaning water, VOC and waste container, by reducing the number of times necessary for cleaning,

Higher-Performance and Higher-Concentration Chemicals

High-endurance polishers make it possible to reduce the cleaning, maintenance and coating frequency. Cleaning agents with better cleaning performance has reduced the level of cleaner necessary to clean. Further, since polishers and cleaning agents prepared in higher concentrations, this has reduced the level of transport energy, as well as the number of waste containers discharged.

R&D of Products with Less Environmental Load

Chlorine-Free Metal Working Fluids & Straight Oils

Phosphate-Free Cleaning Agents

Phosphate-free cleaning agents have reduced loads of eutrophication-causing water pollutants in our river and marine environment.

Replacing Surface Active Agents in the Crude Materials with Environment-Friendly Alternatives

Our goal is to replace high environmental load substances with those that comply with the PRTR standards. Thus, we will not use substances that may be an endocrine disruptor. We have also reduced the level of pollutants released by using highly biodegradable surface active agents.

R&D of Neutral-Type High-Performance Cleaners

This allows dirty water to be discharged without neutralizing it and can also reduce the volume of cleaning agent that has to be used.

Environmentally Conscious Containers

We incorporate a tote recycling program, use recycled drums, and source raw materials in bulk.