Group Philosophy

Create distinctive products

Develop profound technology and extensive research rather than broad and shallow knowledge

Progress always attuned to demand.

Yushiro Chemical Industry, Co., Ltd. was established in 1944 as a manufacturer of metalworking oils and fluids by founder, Kanichi Morimoto. Aligning with our management philosophy, “The Way of Mutual Progress”, we continue efforts to enhance our corporate values and contributions to society. Yushiro Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. currently operates 10 overseas production bases outside of Japan. We believe expanding our overseas network will accelerate global synergy, technological advances and improve market productivity dramatically.

A member of the Yushiro Group companies, Yushiro Manufacturing America, Inc. was founded in 1986, and has been providing high-value-added products to various metal processing facilities including the automobile industry on the Yushiro Chemical Group North America base. We are always conscious of our domestic environment as well as global standards as a critical axis of our business. While maintaining our own philosophy and aggressive activities, we never lose sight of our stance to build a prosperous future through mutual progress with society.

Quality Policy

The Yushiro Group's management philosophy, “The Way of Mutual Progress”, which was encouraged by our founder and first President, Kanichi Morimoto, still inspires us today. This philosophy is reflected in Yushiro America’s Integrated Management Systems, ISO9001:2008 (originally registered in 1998) and ISO 14001:2004 (originally registered in 2004).

Yushiro Manufacturing America, Inc. develops, formulates and produces metal working fluids, cleaners, rust preventatives, waxes, and die lubricants and metal forming compounds for a variety of industrial processes. Yushiro America has developed a set of documentation that establishes policy, objectives, processes and supporting documents that enable the organization to plan, execute, verify and improve its operations.

Yushiro’s Quality Policy is to develop, deliver, and represent our services and products in a manner in which customer needs and expectations are met. We strive to achieve our Quality Policy by:

  • Communication to our Customers, Suppliers, and our Employees
  • Established Quality Objectives
  • Providing Training to meet Job Responsibilities
  • Management Review
  • Commitment to Continual Improvement of our Quality System